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Mutants Genetic Gladiators Ep.175 – The Only Black Hole Recipes You’ll Need As Of January 2020

by Sotnekron

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Hello everyone and welcome to a special episode about the game that you all love and cherish, Mutants: Genetic Gladiators!
In the last couple of days, weeks, heck even months, I’ve been seeing new players asking for help in this game especially for the Black Hole Crafting. Now, here’s a thing or two to note!
Celsius Online bought MGG and Primal Legends from Kobojo since the former was liquidated in April which meant that both Primal Legends and Mutants: Genetic Gladiators would disappear if nobody maintained them. As Celsius Online was interested in both games, they bought them back but bureaucracy was a lengthy process, and since they didn’t know what to do about the whole deal, they left the games to run all that time until some exKobojo people helped out.
NOW, after the whole deal was settled, CO people kinda understand how to maintain the games, they thought they can make it better, right? They made posts and posts on Facebook about what players need and such, and people answered! But there is one little problem in that whole deal, Celsius Online didn’t give a damn about it!
For those of you who want to tell me I’m wrong, here are one two things to note, after MGG & PL went to CO. They screwed over the Black Hole Crafting, big time! You can check all there big official KOBOJO FORUMS about the two posts in 21.9.2018 and 19.6.2019 where they reworked some BH recipes, making it harder for new players to get into the game unless they hand over a tone of cash for some unimportant boosts and items that no one needs EXCEPT as materials for the Black Hole.
Celsius Online saw that, and was literally like, hey, those players aren’t buying the packs that we sell, because they can make them themselves, let’s not allow that anymore! We NEED there money!
Well, CO, if you’re in need of money, make stuff that people need!
Until then, as a player since the start of the game, it is my duty to help others in need!
THIS video is one of many videos that I make to help new players get into the game! If you want to support your players, fix the game!

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