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Mutants Genetic Gladiators Ep.85 – Mutant Review BREGBEAM

by Sotnekron


Hey ya and welcome to a new episode of Mutant Review on MGG.
Today we have a new rising star, Bregbeam, the double mythic gene type mutant!
Since Celsius started doing an overhaul on other mutants, Bregbeam has risen above the rest and claimed the top DPS of all Legendary Mutants, even the elite PVP nightmare Kolossus!
Bregbeam may be a Legendary Mythic-Mythic mutant, but his single target attack is the strongest Mythic gene attack in the game as of this time, for now.
His spread Mythic gene attack is strong to, even stronger then a single target attack of other mutants at the same level.
If you want to make a strong Mythic-Mythic Tag for your friends to use, Bregbeam is your mutant to select for now, as of this point the video came out.
Who knows, will he stay at this position for a long time of will someone take his place? We shall see!
Stay Tuned for more Mutant Review Videos!

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