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Mutants Genetic Gladiators Ep.91 – PVP #1

by Sotnekron

PVP Time!

Welcome to the first PVP video of MGG. In this video you’ll see some PVP battles that I will point out here, mostly about the promised balancing issue that plagued MGG since day 1.
As you might have noticed, no matter how much game patch they release, endless promises about the balancing and stuff, this game has always had issues about the PVP section, most noticeably, when a high evo level player CAN attack a low evo level player.
I made here some attacks too so you can see how easy for some players that have a ton of credit to bypass that.
Kobojo, then Celsius Online, promised way back in June 2018 that they will try to sort this problem out.
The idea was that for fair play, players, when random given to attack an opponent, can spend credit to find other, guaranteed weaker, but not to weak, like 10-20 evo levels below there, while taken into account to balance there pvp score points and evo level. And not like me and evo level 352 can be abble to attack an evo level 19 player, even if our PVP score is almost the same.
If this issue isn’t fixed soon, most low evo level players won’t even join in the PVP at all.

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