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World Of Warcraft Ep.68 – Welcome to Nazjatar Part 1

by Sotnekron

Queen Azshara: “Title”

In Episode 68, we finally get the new patch 8.2 and journey into the new land of Nazjatar. Nazjatar is one of the new zones arriving in Patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara. As a new zone with a rich storyline and lots of new content, players can feel overwhelmed when going through it for the first time. This guide serves as a comprehensive compendium of all features and activities to do within the zone, such as quests, mechanics, zone events and other features.
After the Battle for Dazar’alor, the Horde is in a dire situation – The Zandalari fleet, the reason the Horde went to Zandalar in the first place, is all but destroyed, while the Alliance won the conflict with few losses. The situation seems dire, up until an artifact of great power falls upon the hands of Sylvanas – After helping Xal’atath and freeing her from her prison’s grasp, the Blade of the Black Empire is located by Horde adventurers.
With the Blade of the Black Empire, the Warchief is able to set her next plan in motion. With the Blade in Nathanos’ hands, the Horde sails through the waters of the Great Sea. The Alliance, in an offensive led by Genn Greymane, catches wind of Sylvanas’ plan, and sends a fleet aiming to strike down one of the Horde’s most important commanders. As the Alliance fleet reaches the Horde, the ocean waters open up from below all ships. Catastrophy happens, and both Horde and Alliance forces are trapped in a strange new land and under attack by the Naga. As both factions struggle for survival, they must figubare out a way to survive and eventually get out of Nazjatar.

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