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World Of Warcraft Ep.70 – Accessing Mechagon

by Sotnekron


In Episode 70, Kul Tiran excavators has managed to open a previously closed vault built in the southern mountains of Tiragarde Sound. Within it, they found a radio transmitter that sends out signal and points toward a new land, Mechagon. You have the opportunity to discover this previously unknown land, find the source of the signal and lend aid if appropriate.
Upon arrival, you found the new island full of dead robots, heaps of mechanical junk and pools of oil and grease. It turned out the signal is transmitted by a gnomish society called themselves the Mechagnomes. Highly interested in robtics and tinkering engineering, these gnomes have a trend to replace parts of their body with mechanical parts. In this society the prestige is determined by the amount of robotic parts you have.
However, their ruler, King Mechagon has gone too far recently: Sought to “cure” his gnomes from the curse of flesh, he pursuits a vision to turn anyone of flesh into more pure robotic parts in order to restore their ancient titanic race. However, there’s a group of junker gnomes who rejected this and escaped to the surface from the king’s fortress that buried deep below the surface.
King Mechagon’s son, Prince Erazmin has stepped up to lead this local resistance against his own father and his evil plans. The transmitted signal leads you straight to Rustbolt, the base of operation for the Rustbolt Resistance, where you can experience the latest robotic technologies. It’s up to you to prepare the assault against the king, and help the resistance to retake their home.

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